Saturday, March 20, 2010

Story of a Womanizer

Victor drove down the street in his black F150 truck, headed to his favorite bar, The Dive. He pulled into the parking lot, and was happy to see the old place was packed once again, on a Friday night. He parked his truck and took once last glance at his appearance, slicking back his black hair, and putting on his infamous black shades.

Now stepping out of his truck he headed towards one of his many hang outs. A smile crossed his face hoping there would be some new, fresh meat at the bar tonight. He had pretty much used and fucked most of ladies that hung out at The Dive, his motto, Feed’em, Fuck’em then Flee.

Victor was somewhat of a smooth talker, and could make any woman feel very special. He was pretty much what you would call a modern day womanizer; to him they were nothing but fuck toys. As he slithered into the bar he immedialty began scanning the room, sat down and ordered his beer. Victor loved to play the silent type, seemed to work with the ladies. He sipped his beer and waited.

Sitting in a booth in the back of the bar, sat a stranger. She sat and watched Victor. The woman got up and flung her long black hair around and proceeded to walk by him. She made sure that he saw her by making eye contact, with her dark seductive eyes. She smiled at him, walked out the door of the bar and waited.

Victors’s mouth dropped open at the sight of her, and like a dog in heat he followed. He opened the door and walked outside, there she stood. Everything he ever dreamed of in a woman was standing before him. Long black hair, red plump lips, and his favorite quality in a woman. Tight body with big tits. The outfit she had on was a leather short dress, with high heeled boots. It showed all her curves.

“Hello”, Victor replied.

The woman responded, “Needed some fresh air.”

Victor walked over to her, “Oh I’m sorry, am I bothering you? Just wanted to make sure a pretty lady like you was safe.”

She smiled, “No that’s fine, my name is Lilith.”

“My name is Victor”, he replied, with a smile.

Victor’s mind raced, he had to fuck this one, and she was upper class not like the other women he was with. He opened up his pack of cigarettes and placed one in his mouth. Victor took a deep drag and puffed the smoke into the air. He felt a chill go down his spine, and shivered.

“So what are you doing out here”, he asked.

She smiled and looked at him with those seductive eyes, “Waiting for you”.

Victor flicked the cigarette onto the ground and walked over to her. He reached his hand out and touched her shoulder, it was hot. “Damn woman, why are you so hot?”

“I’m hot for you”, she replied.

Victor actually meant her skin but he shrugged his shoulders. And blew it off, most of his thinking was done with the brain between his legs. He was getting ready to ask if she wanted to get a motel room. He had an ongoing account with one down the street; he received discounts for his high volume usage. But the woman started to walk around to the back of the bar. She smiled at him and he followed.

“Um, Lilith why don’t we go to this motel down the street,” Victor asked.

Lilith shook her head no, and motioned her finger for him to follow her, and he did. They were now both standing in the back of the building. Lilith walked up to Victor and pushed him up against the brick wall.

“Damn girl you got some strength, take it easy I’m all yours.”

Lilith smiled, “Good.”

She proceeded to wrap her body around his and shoved her tongue deep into his throat, making him choke. She giggled and proceeded with her strong warm kisses. He melted into her. She took off his shades and threw them to the ground.

“I want to see your eyes”, she purred.

Victor was digging Lilith she was a little rough but he kind of liked a chick being in charge. Damn she’s got a long ass tongue, he thought. Lilith’s tongue retracted out of his throat and licked his face. Victor could have sworn it was forked, must be the darkness playing tricks on his mind, he thought.

Her red nails dug deep into his chest and ripped off his shirt with one yank. Victor leaned back against the wall and moaned in pleasure as her lips began to explore his chest.

“Mmm you taste good Victor”, Lilith whispered.

Victor reached out to grab her breast, and she slapped his hand, “I’ll take care of you first, stud.”

Her hands slowly proceed down his pants, until she could feel his hard dick, and he began to grind on her hand. “You like that?” She asked.

“Oh yeah baby I like that a lot, how about you get undressed and I’ll give you a nice hard fuck”, he offered.

“That sounds so tempting, I heard gossip from the other women you where a pretty good fuck, just not to faithful.”

Victor smiled, “Yeah I get around, but Lilith you just might make me a one woman man.”

She laughed, “Well from what I hear, I don’t think that’s the truth.”

Victor shrugged his shoulders. Lilith smiled and kneeled down in front of him. With her warm hands she slid his pants down, placed his dick in her hand, and licked the head of his penis. She loved the way he tasted.

“Come on baby suck it off for me,” he ordered.

“Whatever you want babe”, she replied.

She opened her mouth wide and Victor inserted his dick in her mouth. He closed his eyes and began to pump it harder and harder into her throat; she took it deeper into her mouth and started to suck it hard.

“Damn woman, you suck like a vacuum cleaner”, he moaned.

She grabbed his naked ass and began to squeeze his butt cheeks hard; he could feel blood trickle down the back of his leg. It felt so good; he did not care, until he felt a sharp pain come from his dick. Victor screamed in pain and fell down to the ground.

“What the fuck did you do to me bitch,” Victor yelled.

Lilith stood over him and he could hear her laugh. She was making a chewing and slurping noise. Something was in her hand. He felt faint and tried to focus on what it was.

A warm wet fluid flowed out between his legs. He managed to sit up and tried to see the damage done to his dick. When he looked down it was gone. There was nothing but a big gaping hole, spurting blood everywhere. Even his balls were gone.

Lilith leaned down and looked into Victor’s eyes, “Beware of the scorned women, I was summoned by those you hurt. Now you will feel the wrath of pain like they did, but in the only way that would truly hurt you.”

He kept trying to scream, but he laid there frozen. Lilith still had his dick and balls in her hands, and was eating them. All he could do was watch. Until she was done feasting and licking the blood off her fingers.

She smiled, “Guess you won’t be causing anymore trouble, now will you?” With that last sentence she turned and walked away.

Victor laid there on the ground bleeding. Going in and out of consciousness. Later he woke up at a hospital and looked around. He felt groggy, there was no pain. What a bad dream, I had he thought? Victor saw a vase of red roses next to his bed, leaned over and looked at the card.

It read, Hello stumpy, you’re my favorite so far. The girls sent you a red rose each,

Love Lilith

Victor panicked, pulled down the sheets, looked under the bandages and screamed.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love is overrated.........

What is love you may ask?
Seems to be nothing but a task.
At first you’re needed, wanted.
Heart flutters becoming knotted.

Body tingles with unknown pleasure.
Happiness sets in, then the failure.
You notice the symptoms slowly.
Before long you’re, sad and lonely.

At first you feel nothing but anger.
Seeming to eat away and linger.
You ask, “What did I do wrong.”
Thinking over, making it prolong.

Then the sadness sets in and stays.
It breaks you down, not going away.
It’s just not worth feeling anymore.
Loves overrated, time to shut the door.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Evil Embrace

Darkness will always be a temptation.
It flourishes and thrives deep within.
Luring with promises of love, happiness.

Wrapping its unholy grasp around your body.
Whispering into your mind, deepest desires.
Making your body feel, warm, safe and loved.

It smiles with unseen wicked jagged teeth.
Slowly sinking talons into your soft flesh.
Tingling sensation of evil runs through your veins.

Almost euphoric feelings, climatic and strong.
Fuck being weak and a human door mat.
Time to sprout your branches and grow.

Sometimes being good becomes stagnant.
Evil is warm, and welcoming, don’t resist.
Walk straight into its grasp, and don’t look back.


Decayed hands rip through the ground.
Coffins will no longer keep them bound.
Standing and awakening after a long sleep.
Clambering down the graveyard street.
Rotted meat hanging from their bones.
Nothing but mindless maggot filled drones.

Tonight the zombies have come back to eat.
Hungry, and craving fresh human meat.
Moans of hunger echoed through the night.
Satan granting them life until daylight.
The zombies shamble back to their town.
Faces of pain marked with determined frown.

The smell of rot and decay pollute the air.
Mangled looking mongrels with matted hair.
Invading the town, people screamed in fright.
But there will be no place to hide tonight.
Hours passed of hysterical panic and pleas.
People kneeled to God, and prayed for mercy.
Screams bellowed from pain, now all beaten.
People were being torn apart, savagely eaten.

Blood, guts, and organs cover the street.
Zombies grabbing the leftovers as treats.
Nothing was left but white meatless bones.
The war had started, now time to go home.
Sun started to peek through the dark sky.
Zombie's looked up, time now, to again die.
Bright sunny rays warmed the undead’s bodies.
Exploding into dust, they were no longer zombies.

The town was beaten, killed, in just one night.
A war between good and evil was starting to ignite.
Satan laughed he knew there would be hell to pay.
God would make him suffer for his sins one day.