Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Serum

Susan Stone was obsessed with staying young. Now turning fifty she had tried every procedure to keep herself looking youthful. The wrinkles and sagging skin always came back. She had heard of a Research Professor in Maine, by the name of Michael Shinn, he had developed some sort of amazing youth serum and Susan had to get her hands on it. She made several phone calls to the professor and bribed her way in. Susan made a very generous donation to his research, but she wanted to receive the injection of the serum in return. He let her know up front that there were side effects but Susan did not care. She was told not to tell anyone that they had talked and agreed.

She immediately was on the next flight to Maine and arrived at Professor Shinn’s research lab. She handed him a check for the promised amount. Susan looked at him and was surprised, he looked no older than 35. She figured he was a young genius.

“I want the injection now,” She ordered.

“Don’t you want to talk about it first?”

Susan exclaimed, “No” and rolled up her shirt sleeve. He gave her the injection.

Susan sat and waited to feel some sort of difference, but her body started burning, it was on fire. She screamed in pain then passed out. Eventually she woke up and was laying on a cot, when she tried to lift herself up her body was stiff, it was hard to move. She caught a glimpse of her legs they were grey and covered with dark splotches. Susan noticed her hands and arms, had the same mysterious hue. Suddenly a pain in her stomach made her buckle over, she felt an intense hunger.

Instinct took over and her eyes focused on a woman that lay on a table. Susan could smell the blood coursing throughout the woman’s body; her skin was soft and inviting. She put her head down to the woman’s chest and could hear a heart beating slowly. Susan wanted her badly almost like an addict craves sex and started pulling up her night gown. The woman was naked underneath, Susan watched her stomach rise and fall as she breathed. She began to lick her stomach, it tasted so good and salty, losing control she bit into her skin and warm blood squirted into her mouth. She tore away flesh and consumed the woman’s entrails. Slowly the hunger started to cease.

Behind her Professor Shinn walked in he said, “Hello, I wish it would have turned out better for you, did you like the snack I left?”

She looked at the professor. Entrails hung from her mouth, “What did you do too me!”

“I told you there could beside effects.”

Shinn looked at her and proceeded to tell her he was 140 years old but so far he was the only candidate, that they serum worked on. He shook his head in disappointment, “Everyone else I have used it on became a zombie”.

Susan screamed, entrails dropped out of her mouth and she fell to the floor.

Shinn smiled, “You’ll like the cage below there are many others like you and I keep them well feed, with these coma patients I buy. You’ll have an extended life but unfortunately your body will rot, the process is slow”.

He ordered the two men beside him in white jackets to take her below, he took another look at Susan and said, “Oh yeah thanks for the generous donation and enjoy your stay.”

Susan screamed as the men picked her up off the floor and dragged her away.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Woman Created Lilith.

God created man and it was good.

Next he created woman, it was better.

Woman was supposed to serve man.

She did for many pain staking years.

Man was not always good to woman.

They grew tired of man and evolved.

Man did not like woman’s independence.

Not all of man became players and liars.

Some did and hurt woman, to feel superior.

Woman got tired of taking man’s shit.

Time to get even, thus Lilith was created.

Lilith shall lead and devour man’s soul.

So watch out man, Lilith shall judge you.

I'm Alive?

Touch me, love me.

Notice, I’m alive.

All you do is tease.

Your attention I thrive.

Place your lips onto mine.

Caressing me with your hands.

Kiss slowly down my neckline.

Grasp me by my hair by strands.

Gently you fondle my breasts.

Kissing me with lustful eyes.

Rubbing against, my naked chest.

Whimpers and moaning cries.

Entering me I feel so alive.

Matching your each thrust.

Taking me deeper with each dive.

I wake up in complete wetness.

Nothing but a dream I had.

Always is, feeling so alone.

For my imagination I’m glad.

I have become, an emotionless stone.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It Has No Name.

Out of the swamp it came.

A creature so vile, it has no name.

Breasts sag, old and wrinkled.

A vagina that looked almost chiseled.

Body covered with black oozing slime.

Long black hair, spot balding and fine.

Eyes bulbous and red as blood.

Mouth covered, with foul smelling mud.

Tonight was special, time to eat and mate

She gazes, hungry, lustful, prey, she must locate.

Looking for his seed and a meal to eat.

She will fuck, and then tear apart with her teeth.

Longing for the adventure, of lust and meat.

Man is so delicious and sweet to eat.

A smile formed on her haggard face.

She took off running, at a fast pace.

Catching a scent in the air…….

She stopped, and then looked, with a hard stare.

Through the brush, she could smell man.

She jumped through the air and grabbed him.

Threw his body, on the ground.

He looked at her, scared and astound.

The terror rose in his eyes.

She cackled tearing his clothes off, as he cried.

Her body took his manhood in.

She drove him hard into the ground, as she grinned.

Leaning down rubbing her breasts, on his chest.

He tries to push her away, in detest.

Laughing she continued to rape.

There was no way he could escape.

Licking his face, her breath was fowl.

She screamed, with a lustful howl.

She took a bite out of his neck.

Nothing wrong, with a sample, a little peck.

Bile rose in his mouth, throwing up in disgust.

She finished him off, with a final thrust.

She lies on top of him, lapping his blood.

Teeth bite further into him, sharp and jagged.

Tearing flesh, time now eating her prey.

Screams of pain do not make her delay.

She leans over and slurps out his eye.

Bites down, it pops, she feels so alive.

Torturing, sucking the meat, off his bones.

Laughing as he suffers and groans.

Her mouth opens wide, she bites off his head.

Chomping, crunching, full and fed.

Throwing his remains to the side.

She stands up with feral pride.

Meat falls from her teeth, she smiles.

Now rubbing her belly, she is with child.

Taking off, going back into the swamp river.

Waiting for her young, to be delivered.

Then she will teach her to mate and hunt.

This will prevent their extinction…….

We Have Changed.

One day the world we know will end.

For so many years mankind has sinned.

Now we do nothing, but contemplate.

What will become of our fate?

Will we die off from some mysterious disease?

Or will global warming turn our land into seas.

The bible says fire will fall from the skies.

Locusts will attack and eat out our eyes.

Could an asteroid or comet, end our reign?

So many theories, about the dinosaurs, will we die the same?

This question we ask, does God exist?

Some of us believe, others don’t know and become atheists.

Now we look at science to explain creation.

Religion, science tries to explain, Earth’s formation.

What happened to the simple belief of the bible?

People worry about following false idols.

Our society has changed…….

What has happened to people, I am so ashamed?

Greed, lust, dishonesty and violence are excessive.

Mankind has become desensitized and aggressive.

If the ends of days are near, we are at fault.

Soon mankind shall be filed away, in the extinction vault.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

End Of Days.

Suddenly the earth rumbled.

Everything started to shake, crumble.

The ground exploded open.

Debris lay around, broken.

Slowly rising from the ground.

Was one of Satan’s hellhounds.

His eyes were as black as coal.

Nails where clawing to escape, the giant sinkhole.

He looked around and let out howl.

Jumped onto the ground and went to prowl.

Checking things out for his master.

He can barely contain his laughter.

“Soon we can all be free.”

“My master is powerful, they shall see.”

He called to his master, “I have cleared the way.”

“I have done as you have asked, and opened the gateway.”

The earth was quiet, everything stood still.

Out from the depths of hell, came a harrowing shrill.

Flames exploded out of the hole.

Satan rose and was ready, to collect souls.

“Humans have torn up this place.”

“Why would God protect this race?”

“They have raped this land.”

“I’m here to make sure they are banned.”

The fire was seen from heaven.

It was time for the ultimate mission.

On the earth they kept a watchful eye.

Now the Angles drop from the sky.

Something has gone array.

Here comes the impending, doomsday.

The devil has risen, from his dark grave.

Ready to rule the world and enslave.

Satan is now ready to take over the earth.

He will give mankind, a new form of birth.

His virus will spread upon mankind.

Killing is its perfect design.

He opens his mouth and blows into the air.

Spreading the virus everywhere….

All humans begin to choke.

Grabbing at their throats.

Blood oozes from all, mouths and eyes.

Now they fall on the ground and die.

The devil smiles as he looks up.

Angels bow their head, in holy worship.

He growls, “God cannot help you now.”

“These humans have become my cows.”

He raises his hands and yells, “Rise.”

The new races happily oblige.

Their eyes are now gleaming red.

Looks of hunger now engulf the dead.

Slowly they rise from the ground.

The souls of demons are no longer bound.

They take the first breathe of life.

Spread their fingers, with nails like knifes.

Looking up into, the white filled sky.

They chant, time for these angels, to die.

The angels form above the dead.

Diving down with wings spread.

They hit the ground all at once.

Praying to God, for his guidance.

Blood, guts were flying everywhere.

Claws, teeth, tore limbs, feathers and hair.

So much, biting, tearing, and screams of pain.

The angles lost, now the dead reign.

Satan looked up into the sky.

He informed God……..

“To enter this earth, you are outlawed.”

“I have lived in the darkness, for my last day.”

“This land is mine and I plan to stay.”

“I feed off of man sins.”

“Now my brothers shall use their skins.”

“Humans lost their faith in you.”

“They prayed for your help, but what did you do?”

“Nothing, that is what I thought.”

“This is why the race was so distraught.”

“When there is nothing for them to believe in.”

“This is the day the world is lead by, demons.”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Z Is For Baby..

Laura laid in bed, as sweat beds formed on her face and chest. She was nine months pregnant and was starting to show signs of going into labor. Her husband had to tie her to the bed; she had been bitten by one of the crazies in town recently. No one was sure what they were. Some people started to attack others and the disease had spread like wildfire. The town came together and killed them all, except Laura. Her husband had kept her being bitten a secret, she was not coherent anymore, Laura was an animal. Her family hoped the baby would be fine, so they continued to hide her.

She looked up at her husband, foam dribbled down her chin. She snarled and snapped when he tried to force food down her mouth. He had to keep her alive for now, but was worried what to do with her once the baby was born. How long could he keep her tied up?

Night had set in and Laura reverted back into a calm trance like state, with no emotion she stared up at the ceiling, she was quiet, instincts told her something was about to be born. Her family had drifted off to sleep except for one. The baby was coming. He was not aware of what he was just that he was hungry. He saw an opening and reached for it, with his little hands. Pushing his small body as hard as he could, he struggled and finally came out of his mother. Now crawling along the sheets, something tugged at him and he was stuck. Looking down he noticed the source of the problem a cord was attached to his stomach and he could go no further. He ground his teeth together so hungry, he thought. His small hands held the cord up and he chewed through the skin finally releasing himself.

Hunger was making his little tummy ache, baby needed food. Scurrying along the floor he went to his brothers and sisters rooms. They were all asleep. He climbed up into each of their beds and took small bites out of them. His teeth where small and sharp, so they slide into flesh so smooth and delicate. Each child flinched but did not wake up. Having his fill of blood and flesh he was satisfied, and crawled back into the bedroom, to be with mommy. He snuggled up next to her and fell asleep.

In the morning the father woke up and noticed he heard no children’s voice’s in the house. Normally by this hour they were up and moving about. He went to their bedrooms and saw they were all still in bed. When he touched them, they were all burning up with fever. He noticed small bites on their arms and necks. They were infected, but how, he thought.

Daddy ran down the hall to his wife’s room and opened the door. His wife was still tied to the bed and looked up at him blankly. Next to her was a small body. He picked up the baby and held him tight to his bare chest. He felt a small prick and looked down. The baby looked up at him with milky white eyes and blood dripped down his chin. The father held him closer.

Sobbing he muttered, “It’s a boy Laura”.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My book update

So far my book has been coming along and I'm reaching about 50K. Seems like so many life experiences have really helped me write the stories for my book. I'm not a man hater by no means but I can't say I love them either.

Life's a bitch, ain't it!