Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who says it's safe to sleep at night.

From the window, it watches you sleep.

Red piercing eyes studying the meat.

Hovering in the air, two stories above.

Black leather skin, wings that flap like doves.

Far from being pure, coming from the Gates of Hell.

Having its fill of flesh, leaving a bloody trail.

Sharp talons, now cutting, through the glass.

In it creeps, quietly, sneaking, to devour you fast.

Now standing erect, at the side of your bed.

Satisfied its lip rises, revealing a toothy grin.

It snickers thinking, all your neighbors are dead.

Such delicious, weak creatures that cannot defend.

Slowly a talon lightly touch’s your face.

Time for you to wake, maybe giving a chase.

You awaken shivering, feeling a cold spark.

Rise up in bed, looking around everything’s dark.

Through the darkness, you can see something white.

Focusing harder, its teeth now scream in fright!

Before you can move or react, it leaps.

Landing on top, is a monstrous freak.

Foul smelling breath now hits your face.

Gag in repulsion, as it begins to lick and taste.

Diabolical laugh, then a tongue plunges down your throat.

Panicking, struggling, and fighting as you begin to choke.

Feeling cold scales, heavy weight, can’t move pinned.

Trying to scream, but nothing comes out, to utter or send.

Life has ceased, from the nice, warm, soft meat.

The monster chomps, crunches and slurps its treat.

Blood, guts, and bones nothing will go to waste.

Through the window, it glides away in haste.

All that remains is a bloody stained sheet.

The floor has imprints of large clawed feet.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Camping Trip

The bats fluttered through the air, seeking warm bodies to feed off of. They were not normal, these bats had died and been brought back to life, with an insatiable hunger for blood. The research lab they escaped from had mastered reanimation of the dead. It worked so well on the bats and other research animals, they did not report their escape. This was a huge medical discovery. Researchers wanted to start experimenting on humans, a few contaminated bats would not cause any problems, why risk their operation getting shut down. Research animals were breed and born inside the facility, these bats had never lived in the wild, they would not know how to hunt and would die. The scientists were wrong, the bats reverted back to natural predatory instincts.

Their radar sensed heat and headed towards the source. Picking up on warm body readings from a large camp site, they fluttered down to get closer. Making no sound, gliding through the air, planning their silent attack.

People sat by the fire and others were in their tents asleep. The bats landed lightly on them not making a sound, small teeth sunk into skin and began to feed. The hosts body immediate went into shock from the bite became delirious and passed out within minutes. They gorged on blood making sure all campers, had been tasted. Once the bats were done feeding, they took off looking for new prey.

All the campers lay in a coma like state, but not for long. Flutters of life began to return. Eyes opened one by one, with a white milky glaze staring blankly, all human feelings were gone but hunger. Their skin had red infected bites, which festered. Slowly each camper got back up, still having some sort of intelligence in them. They knew to stay where they were at and food would come to them.

As the sun started to rise buses began to drive down the road headed to Camp Grayson. The buses were filled full of children excited about joining their parents, for two days of fun filled camping. Many parents had taken off the day before and went to set up camp for the kids, preparing for their annual planned outing. About twenty families participated each year and the children were singing songs, ready to have the time of their life.

The buses approached the camp sight, the drivers parked and instructed the children to form in a single line. Opening the bus doors the drivers walked out and helped the children get off the bus one, by one. Some could see their parents standing in a circle from a distance. The infected turned around and looked at the children. Slowly walking towards them, licking their lips, holding out their arms, welcoming them. By the time the children and other adults were close enough to see their faces, it was too late.

Friday, September 3, 2010

"Prologue" Lilith's Revenge

Satan sat on his throne made of human remains, overlooking the pits of hell. He relished the screams of pain that roared from below. Flames burst out from the pit warming his scale covered body. Something was coming up from the depths of hell. He could smell her sweet skin that stood out from the normal aromas of decay. A smile crossed his mouth revealing one of his fangs.

Beautiful Lilith came walking up the fiery stairs into his chamber. He could make out her white curvaceous body and long black hair. She walked towards him and stood in front of his throne. Such a lovely beast she was. Her naked body was covered with a dewy sweat, droplets had moistened her supple breasts, and her hair blew from the heated winds below.

Lilith looked up and smiled at Satan, with her luscious red lips and soulless black eyes, “Master I have come to ask a favor of you.”

Satan leaned forward, “What is it my sweet Lilith”?

I want to go to the realm above of the living, and have some fun. I grow bored down here.”

“Bored there are tons of sinners that come into hell each day, that you can play with”, Satan growled.

“But it has been so long since I’ve been above and I can promise you lots of fresh new souls. I have heard prayers from above seeking vengeance on men. Can’t I go have some fun?” She purred.

Lilith walked closer to Satan and kneeled in front of him placing her hands on his bulging red cock. She placed the tip of it in her mouth, and then slowly took his enormous member completely into her throat. She began to suck it hard and tease with her throat muscles. Satan leaned back and moaned in delight. Now feeling her tongue wrapping tighter around his engorged dick, he felt a prick. His eyes opened wide and he pushed Lilith off of his pulsating member.

“Not again”, he bellowed.

Lilith laughed as a trickle of blood dribbled down her chin, “It was a mistake last time.”

“You bit my dick off bitch, and ate it. Took one whole day to grow back, I could not even rape any of the new comers that day.”

“Sorry master, it was a mistake. I can’t help myself sometimes.”

She walked back over to him and licked his face with her forked tongue. Lilith’s soft red lips touched his and she began to kiss him passionately. Satan picked her up and placed her on top of his dick and shoved it into her wetness. He began to pump her hard, she was irresistible. Lilith placed her hands onto his horns and held on for the ride. His talons dug deep into her ass as he pushed farther into her. Lilth liked a hard fuck and moaned with delight. She rubbed her breasts against his chest and fucked him back, both in perfect rhythm. Satan leaned forward and Lilith melted into him, she felt his tongue licking her breasts. Sucking and nibbling on her swollen nipples. He was the best fuck she ever had, with one last thrust he roared and shot his loaded inside her.

Lilith crawled off of him, and stood as his semen dripped down her legs, “Can I go now master?”

Satan laughed, “So romantic Lilith. Why don’t you stay and entertain me for a while?”

Her eyes darted back at his, “Please!"
He always had weakness for her and could not resist her request. God had banished Lilith many times back to hell when she caused too much trouble above, but Satan loved to piss him off so he granted her a years pass.