Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who says it's safe to sleep at night.

From the window, it watches you sleep.

Red piercing eyes studying the meat.

Hovering in the air, two stories above.

Black leather skin, wings that flap like doves.

Far from being pure, coming from the Gates of Hell.

Having its fill of flesh, leaving a bloody trail.

Sharp talons, now cutting, through the glass.

In it creeps, quietly, sneaking, to devour you fast.

Now standing erect, at the side of your bed.

Satisfied its lip rises, revealing a toothy grin.

It snickers thinking, all your neighbors are dead.

Such delicious, weak creatures that cannot defend.

Slowly a talon lightly touch’s your face.

Time for you to wake, maybe giving a chase.

You awaken shivering, feeling a cold spark.

Rise up in bed, looking around everything’s dark.

Through the darkness, you can see something white.

Focusing harder, its teeth now scream in fright!

Before you can move or react, it leaps.

Landing on top, is a monstrous freak.

Foul smelling breath now hits your face.

Gag in repulsion, as it begins to lick and taste.

Diabolical laugh, then a tongue plunges down your throat.

Panicking, struggling, and fighting as you begin to choke.

Feeling cold scales, heavy weight, can’t move pinned.

Trying to scream, but nothing comes out, to utter or send.

Life has ceased, from the nice, warm, soft meat.

The monster chomps, crunches and slurps its treat.

Blood, guts, and bones nothing will go to waste.

Through the window, it glides away in haste.

All that remains is a bloody stained sheet.

The floor has imprints of large clawed feet.

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  1. Hi Sheri,

    Your site is great especially the pictures. I was wondering where you get them from, I'd like to see more?