Saturday, November 27, 2010

Green Gooey Glob

The star shines brightly in the sky.

Now hovering above Earth, it begins to fly.

Closer and closer it starts to creep.

Sizzling, sparkling, green goo begins to seep.

Now it smacks down upon the Earth’s ground.

Not a star, but hungry, new home has been found.

A glob of sticky green sludge, needs food to thrive.

Hungry from its long space trip, must consume life.

Spreading like water over the the vast land.

Eating everything living, it starts to expand.

Humans and animals it devours quickly.

Sucking away flesh and bone, now not feeling so sickly.

As it eats, the gooey glob, grows and gets fatter.

Blood, guts cover its gelatinous body, with red splatter.

It jiggles and shakes, but silent as it moves.

Molding into the land, fitting into every groove.

Within days the Earth sizzles and smokes, covered in green.

Everything’s dead, consumed by the hungry alien fiend.

It squeezes down, seeps into the Earth’s core.

A large explosion erupts, the planet exists no more.

The green goo is blown into to several pieces into space.

Each is alive, ready to devour nothing goes to waste.

Heading into the darkness to sustain their race.

Looking for more life to consume, never leaving a trace.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lips are sealed.

My lips are sealed.

Dead to the world.

Speaking means nothing.

Words escape me now.

Life is only pain.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Vagina Bites

I look down and beg, please behave.

This man I feel for, expects sex.

So long I’ve made him wait…….

My heart pounds, I’m so full of lust, for him.

I have a secret, that I’m afraid to tell.

See down in my vagina, something’s alive.

Not allowing anything to enter it.

But loves for me to pat and play with.

Always being careful, because it bites.

Teeth nip at my fingers, drawing blood.

I think it’s hungry for something.

Trying to keep on my clits good side.

Never having intercourse before, I’m afraid.

Will my lover’s dick soothe the beast?

I’ve tried to tell him, but he laughs.

Will sex solve the problem, maybe?

He lays, naked dick erect, waiting.

I climb on top and hesitate, scared.

He smiles, I relax, he guides into me.

Now inside, I feel a pull, he smiles.

Slight pain but I take it, I like him.

He thrusts deeper into me, a pop.

Blood trickles down my legs, virgin fluids.

I hear him gasp, look down to smile.

Something’s wrong. He chokes.

I jump up off him and look, no dick.

Smacking, chewing noises come from below.

I scream, watching my lover die.

My vagina begins to take over and vibrates.

So happy and full, I had my first orgasm.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Virus

I am here to infect you.

Once I enter your body, nothing you can do.

What am I you ask?

A zombie virus so lethal, killing you is my task.

Creeping in trough, a fresh cut.

I enter your blood and stay very quiet.

Coursing into your blood stream.

I multiply and develop my killing team.

Now it’s we that will start to eat.

To us you are nothing but meat.

You start to feel achy all over.

Feeling hot you now have a fever.

Yes time to lay down in bed.

Entering your brain, soon you’ll be dead.

We are eating you alive.

Thriving and continuing to multiply.

Guts and organs taste so good.

Now starts the clots in your blood.

You cry out in pain.

We are eating your brain.

Blood oozes from your eyes.

They dilate to full size.

Your body starts to expand.

Shaking all over, trying to pull up, by your hands.

Clenching teeth, they start to crack.

Convulsions throw you back.

Pressure becoming more intense.

Body functions becoming dense.

It’s time for the big pop.

As you explode your heart stops.

Blood and guts spurt everywhere.

Now our seeds fly into the air.

Out of the house we glide.

Now planted into the sky.

We wait for humans to breath.

Entering, into more meat bags, time to feed.

This time we’ll get it right.

Our numbers will grow over night.

Infected humans will die and come back to life.

Zombies will take over the earth.

Time for the new race birth.

Martin's Bed Bugs......

It was late at night and Martin was tired.

Bed looked so appealing, eight hours he required.

He stretched and yawned, scratched his bald head.

Now stripping down to the buff, he climbed into bed.

Wrapped in comfy sheets, reached over turned out the light.

It had been a long day, time to say goodnight.

Once asleep, his snores echo throughout the room.

Soft whispers giggled, let him get fast asleep, soon.

Hours passed, something moved, scurrying across the floor.

Coming from the mattress, cracks in windows and doors.

Little feet scampered toward the bed, forming a group.

Surrounding Martin, they chattered, time for soup.

A few large bugs lightly scurried over his body.

Stingers emerged, stabbing into the warm hot toddy.

Slowly releasing venom, leaving him feeling no pain.

Nothing but blood sucking bed bugs, but they were humane.

His body was numb, the head bug, whistled to the troops.

Time to eat, they started to cover his body, in one swoop.

A little fella was so excited, in Martin’s mouth he pooped.

His momma grabbed his little leg and off he was swooped.

All stabbing him with their needles and sucking his blood.

Continuing to eat, until they were full and bloated.

They drank making little red sores on Martin’s skin.

Getting full from their nights meal, all had little grins.

His blood was so warm, salty, tasty, rich and thick.

They sucked on every part of him, even his dick.

He was so delicious, hundreds scurried all over him.

Making sure they filled their bellies, to the brim.

All of a sudden came a loud, Beep, beep, beep.

The box that wakes the food up, off the bed they leap.

Hiding back into the mattress and corners of the room.

For if they are discovered, this will seal their doom.

Martin awakens, from a great night of restful sleep.

Gets up, goes to the bathroom and take his morning pee.

Notices his dick, seems to be extremely itchy and sore.

Now looking over his balls, he begins to explore.

Checking in the mirror and notices, all the red bumps.

Shakes his head, this damn rash he gets, has him stumped.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dying Love

His arms are wrapped around my body.

Erotic, soft whispers in my ear.

Large hands caress supple breasts.

One hand glides down past the stomach.

Another outlines the center of my neck.

Now gasping with delight, anticipation.

Filled full of lust, want you inside me.

Something sharp cuts across my neck.

Warmth trickles down, onto my breasts.

I choke and gasp for air, you release me.

Falling to the floor, hands grasping throat.

Blood pours out of me, I can't speak.

Trying to say why, I loved you.

You stand over me, with the knife in hand.

Collapse on top of me, kissing and rubbing.

Whispering, this is the only way you can love.

Lapping up my warmth, life and blood.

Entering me, loving as I lay dying.

Upon your release, I live no more.

Zombie Love

Zombie love what a beautiful thing.

Two dead people in love, once human beings.

Holding hands and ready to eat.

Looking for fresh human meat.

Milky eyes gaze for prey.

Spotting a human, it’s their lucky day.

Working together as a team.

Staring at each other, with a lustful gleam.

Stumbling quietly not making a sound.

They unlocked hands ready to pounce.

Grabbing the human man, with their hands.

Biting into his flesh, as hard as they can.

The meat bag screams and tries to break free.

Biting into the prey’s neck, tears out his throat.

Blood splashes everywhere as he chokes.

Sucking and slurping, out the man’s eyes.

His mouth was open when he died.

Zombie lovers continue to eat.

Entrails hanging out of their mouths.

Blood covered bodies, that stink of fowl.

Leaning over touching lips.

Exchanging food with a kiss,

Eating every morsel, with slurping groans.

Sucked him dry, nothing left but bones.

Zombie lovers rose to an upright stand.

Walked away holding hands.

New Cover For Blood & Leather