Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dying Love

His arms are wrapped around my body.

Erotic, soft whispers in my ear.

Large hands caress supple breasts.

One hand glides down past the stomach.

Another outlines the center of my neck.

Now gasping with delight, anticipation.

Filled full of lust, want you inside me.

Something sharp cuts across my neck.

Warmth trickles down, onto my breasts.

I choke and gasp for air, you release me.

Falling to the floor, hands grasping throat.

Blood pours out of me, I can't speak.

Trying to say why, I loved you.

You stand over me, with the knife in hand.

Collapse on top of me, kissing and rubbing.

Whispering, this is the only way you can love.

Lapping up my warmth, life and blood.

Entering me, loving as I lay dying.

Upon your release, I live no more.

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