Saturday, November 27, 2010

Green Gooey Glob

The star shines brightly in the sky.

Now hovering above Earth, it begins to fly.

Closer and closer it starts to creep.

Sizzling, sparkling, green goo begins to seep.

Now it smacks down upon the Earth’s ground.

Not a star, but hungry, new home has been found.

A glob of sticky green sludge, needs food to thrive.

Hungry from its long space trip, must consume life.

Spreading like water over the the vast land.

Eating everything living, it starts to expand.

Humans and animals it devours quickly.

Sucking away flesh and bone, now not feeling so sickly.

As it eats, the gooey glob, grows and gets fatter.

Blood, guts cover its gelatinous body, with red splatter.

It jiggles and shakes, but silent as it moves.

Molding into the land, fitting into every groove.

Within days the Earth sizzles and smokes, covered in green.

Everything’s dead, consumed by the hungry alien fiend.

It squeezes down, seeps into the Earth’s core.

A large explosion erupts, the planet exists no more.

The green goo is blown into to several pieces into space.

Each is alive, ready to devour nothing goes to waste.

Heading into the darkness to sustain their race.

Looking for more life to consume, never leaving a trace.

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