Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zombie Love

Zombie love what a beautiful thing.

Two dead people in love, once human beings.

Holding hands and ready to eat.

Looking for fresh human meat.

Milky eyes gaze for prey.

Spotting a human, it’s their lucky day.

Working together as a team.

Staring at each other, with a lustful gleam.

Stumbling quietly not making a sound.

They unlocked hands ready to pounce.

Grabbing the human man, with their hands.

Biting into his flesh, as hard as they can.

The meat bag screams and tries to break free.

Biting into the prey’s neck, tears out his throat.

Blood splashes everywhere as he chokes.

Sucking and slurping, out the man’s eyes.

His mouth was open when he died.

Zombie lovers continue to eat.

Entrails hanging out of their mouths.

Blood covered bodies, that stink of fowl.

Leaning over touching lips.

Exchanging food with a kiss,

Eating every morsel, with slurping groans.

Sucked him dry, nothing left but bones.

Zombie lovers rose to an upright stand.

Walked away holding hands.

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