Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Vagina Bites

I look down and beg, please behave.

This man I feel for, expects sex.

So long I’ve made him wait…….

My heart pounds, I’m so full of lust, for him.

I have a secret, that I’m afraid to tell.

See down in my vagina, something’s alive.

Not allowing anything to enter it.

But loves for me to pat and play with.

Always being careful, because it bites.

Teeth nip at my fingers, drawing blood.

I think it’s hungry for something.

Trying to keep on my clits good side.

Never having intercourse before, I’m afraid.

Will my lover’s dick soothe the beast?

I’ve tried to tell him, but he laughs.

Will sex solve the problem, maybe?

He lays, naked dick erect, waiting.

I climb on top and hesitate, scared.

He smiles, I relax, he guides into me.

Now inside, I feel a pull, he smiles.

Slight pain but I take it, I like him.

He thrusts deeper into me, a pop.

Blood trickles down my legs, virgin fluids.

I hear him gasp, look down to smile.

Something’s wrong. He chokes.

I jump up off him and look, no dick.

Smacking, chewing noises come from below.

I scream, watching my lover die.

My vagina begins to take over and vibrates.

So happy and full, I had my first orgasm.

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