Friday, November 19, 2010

Martin's Bed Bugs......

It was late at night and Martin was tired.

Bed looked so appealing, eight hours he required.

He stretched and yawned, scratched his bald head.

Now stripping down to the buff, he climbed into bed.

Wrapped in comfy sheets, reached over turned out the light.

It had been a long day, time to say goodnight.

Once asleep, his snores echo throughout the room.

Soft whispers giggled, let him get fast asleep, soon.

Hours passed, something moved, scurrying across the floor.

Coming from the mattress, cracks in windows and doors.

Little feet scampered toward the bed, forming a group.

Surrounding Martin, they chattered, time for soup.

A few large bugs lightly scurried over his body.

Stingers emerged, stabbing into the warm hot toddy.

Slowly releasing venom, leaving him feeling no pain.

Nothing but blood sucking bed bugs, but they were humane.

His body was numb, the head bug, whistled to the troops.

Time to eat, they started to cover his body, in one swoop.

A little fella was so excited, in Martin’s mouth he pooped.

His momma grabbed his little leg and off he was swooped.

All stabbing him with their needles and sucking his blood.

Continuing to eat, until they were full and bloated.

They drank making little red sores on Martin’s skin.

Getting full from their nights meal, all had little grins.

His blood was so warm, salty, tasty, rich and thick.

They sucked on every part of him, even his dick.

He was so delicious, hundreds scurried all over him.

Making sure they filled their bellies, to the brim.

All of a sudden came a loud, Beep, beep, beep.

The box that wakes the food up, off the bed they leap.

Hiding back into the mattress and corners of the room.

For if they are discovered, this will seal their doom.

Martin awakens, from a great night of restful sleep.

Gets up, goes to the bathroom and take his morning pee.

Notices his dick, seems to be extremely itchy and sore.

Now looking over his balls, he begins to explore.

Checking in the mirror and notices, all the red bumps.

Shakes his head, this damn rash he gets, has him stumped.

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