Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rellik Novella Now On

Jim James is in for the ride of his life. He’s evil and likes to dress up as a clown. By day, he entertains children, and by night, he enjoys his fetishes with women.

He’s sent to Hell for his crimes, but this is no punishment. Jim becomes “Rellik” and morphs into something even worse.

This novella is not for the easily offended or weak of heart. Rellik is vile and will devour your soul.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Horror With OCD

I think living with OCD has made life harder for me. I make people around me upset because I obsess over things that I should not. Mine does not respond to medications, so I pretty much go off the deep end at times, and can't stop myself from obsessions. It's terrible to have something control your mind that you can't stop.

It's a horrible feeling that I get at times where depression sets in and I just get tired of everything, and just want to disappear.

I have this thing where I want everyone to like me, but in real life that doesn't happen. It's something that I need to work on. Sometimes I get on people's nerves and I don't realize it. I feel like a puppet that's being controlled by my mind and I can't shut it off.

I wish people understood how hard it is to live with having OCD. People tend to make fun of it and don't understand. I've lived in silence with it for so many years.  I can't describe how it feels. It's like living in your own horror movie and it never ends.

All I do is worry everyday about germs and Cancer. Being accepted and other strange shit that you see on Monk. It's just crazy that something like this can just send you over the edge, by any little thing. Maybe this will help people understand me better. People that don't like me I'm sure will make fun of it, but unless you've lived in my shoes, you'll never know how it feels.

I'm hoping one day they will develop a medication, or cure that will help people with OCD control their symptoms.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you like who you are?

Lately I've noticed things on the Internet that are disturbing. Are people getting nastier as a society? Meaning my dog Bear looks at himself in the mirror and likes what he sees. He doesn't do mean things to people, or pick on them. He may be a little protective of his food bowl and ball when the other dogs get near him. but he's actually a pretty good dog, and he's who Bear really is.

On the Internet some people act a different way, they are just plain not nice. It's like this inner demon in us humans come out and we like to tear people down when we hide behind a computer. But in real life we're really not like that. Do we just feel insecure about ourselves and take it out on others? Are we just bored? Or is the Internet just a good place to be an asshole and get away with it?

I've noticed it everywhere on the Internet. Not just one group or board. It's widespread.  I've seen people be rude to others because they're jealous of their success. Ethnic backgrounds are another. I like the Internet, but some days I just want to scream when I see some of the rude shit people post.

The ones I love the most are people that act like their your friends online, and gather what information they can from you then go behind your back and talk about you. Humans have always had the urge to talk about each other, but when it's face to face to someone, you're more likely to be yourself and have more respect. The Internet gives you the power to hide.

So what do you do? I think that anything you say online you should think about, "Would I say this to a person's face." Has the Internet caused us to lose all manners? Just something to think about.  

Somedays I think it's easier to be Bear.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Leather Nun "Preview from Twisted Tales or Terror."

The rain pounded on the roof of the small church. There was a full moon tonight, and the sounds of moaning from outside began to fill the room. Several survivors huddled in groups on the floor and held each other, trying not to make a sound.

The monsters outside heard them anyway and stood around the church. Good thing they only came out at night.

Eight months ago, a demonic invasion swept the world, and only a small percentage of humans were left. They came one night and attacked, then continued every night after sundown. The flesh-hungry demons had skin covered in black scales, eyes red as blood, and sharp jagged teeth and nails. 

The demons attacked their prey by spitting an acid-like substance that ate through the skin of their victims. Then they attacked and ate their kill. The demons had become such efficient hunters that humans were on the verge of extinction.

Why it happened, no one knew. Experts speculated that most humans had lost faith in God. No one really knew why, but in this new world, demons ruled.

The last few months, something had changed. Now, instead of killing the human women they found, they mated with them, hoping to make a human-and-demon hybrid.


Mary paced, looking out between the slats of each boarded-up window. She watched to see what the demons were doing. When she paced, her leather nun habit made a light rubbing noise. Her boots clicked on the wooden floor. The leather outfit she had created had saved her many times when the demons attacked the church. Their saliva did not penetrate leather.

Recently, she had figured out that they could not step over or around an area where a cross was placed. So the church was now covered with crosses. So far, this seemed to keep them at bay. Holy water was like acid to demons, as was sunlight. If they had contact with either, they melted back into the earth. A good old-fashioned gunshot to the head worked as well. She wasn’t sure if they died or just fled back to Hell.

She held the Glock in her hand and watched. They seemed to sense that there were women in the church, but they could not pass the crosses. So every night, they gathered, and their cries of lustful hunger echoed into the night.

The group of survivors consisted of five women and three children, no men. The demons had killed all of the women’s boyfriends, husbands, brothers, and male children before they could make it to the safety of the church.

They knew that the demons wanted to use them as breeders. So far, they had not been successful in creating a hybrid child. Once the breeding had been deemed a failure, the woman was eaten. Either way was a horrible ending.

Mary was going to make sure these people were safe, no matter the cost. She heard a child whimper and walked toward the group.

“Dana, please try to keep the child quiet. Any sound from us just intensifies their interest.”

Dana looked at Mary. She was amazed at how strong this young nun was. She had never seen her without the habit on, but Mary had striking ice-blue eyes that relaxed her.

She tried to comfort her little Laura, but she was fussy tonight. “It’s the moans; they scare her. Even though she’s just three, she saw what they did to her father.”

Mary smiled. “Things will get better. God is testing us. I’ve always believed things happen for a reason.”

The women’s morale was down. Many said that God did not exist, but Mary knew he did. These women had given up all hope and wanted to die. She felt that, deep down, she had a purpose.

There was a loud crash, and Mary ran toward the sound. It was dark in the church with only the candlelight.

Now she heard glass breaking. They were trying to break through the front door.

Mary ran to the front door and saw pieces of stained glass on the floor. The small window had been broken out, but the door was thick and barricaded with metal bars. She tried to look out the window and saw nothing but darkness.  As she leaned closer to the window, a rancid smell burned her nose, and she coughed.

Large red eyes met her gaze, and she jumped back.

“Impossible, demon! You can’t enter because of the crosses.”

She could hear a deep laugh, and a male voice spoke. “That’s true. A demon can’t, but a hybrid can. You see, I was only born a few months ago, but I grew quickly. I’m a full-grown man now, and I heard from my brethren about a nun protecting a group of women in a church. I plan to mate with all of the women in this church, and I’m going to make you my first.”

Mary seized her opportunity and threw a vial of holy water in his face. He only laughed.

“Your crosses and holy water do not work on me.”

She pulled out her Glock and started to fire, but he disappeared. She smiled. “Well, evidently the thought of me blowing your head off must scare you, or you wouldn’t run away!”

Her heart began to race, and she ran back to the women.

“Everyone go to the basement and take the children. You must survive!” 

Dana jumped up. “I feel like we should help you fight, for all you’ve done for us.”

Mary smiled. “I’m the only one with a gun, and I can’t guarantee I can protect all of you. This way, you have a chance. If he takes me, leave this place in the morning and find another place to hide. It won’t be safe here anymore.”

The women looked solemn, but they knew she was right. Everyone headed downstairs to hide in the basement. They locked the metal door behind them.

Mary knelt down before the cross mounted on the wall and prayed for God’s guidance. He didn’t answer her. She wondered if he had forgotten about humans. Maybe these new hybrids would be allowed to take over the world.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the door came crashing in. Out of the darkness, she could see a leg stepping through the door. The candlelight gave her a view of him as he walked inside. A tall slender man with long black hair and pure white skin. He was naked and almost looked human, but he had piercing red eyes.

He smiled at Mary. “Where are all of my women? Did you hide them? You know that once I take you, I’ll find them as well. You should be honored to mate with me and join the new race. I promise to keep every one of you alive and make lots of babies with my new harem. The females’ children will be raised to become future brides.”

     “Over my dead body, demon. God shall protect us! You’ll die tonight!”

The demon laughed as he approached her. “If you say so, my dear. He doesn’t give a fuck about your kind! I smell the scent of a virgin.”

He leapt at her like a lion, and before she could move, he had her in his grasp. His fingers sprouted nails that dug into her arm, tearing through her habit. His hot putrid breath hit her face. He grabbed her headdress and tore it off. Long golden locks of curly hair fell across her shoulders. Looking into her blue eyes, he licked her face with his long black tongue. It burned her skin and sizzled.

“My, you are very striking, Mary, under all of that leather. Not what I pictured at all. I’m going to enjoy every part of your body.”

“I’d rather die than smell your foul breath again, demon!” she yelled as she broke free from his grasp.

She fell on the floor, then rolled onto her back and sat up on her elbow with one hand behind her. The leather habit had come up to her knees, revealing her perfect white skin. The demon smiled.

“Already down on the floor for me? You don’t waste any time, my dear.” He jumped on top of Mary, ran his hands up her habit, and caressed her leg, then pushed her down on the floor.

She smiled. “You’ll not have me. You’re going straight back to Hell.”

He laughed. “And what do you think you can do about it? I’m stronger than you.”

“Yes, you’re stronger, but not smarter. Remember: I have a gun.”

Before the demon could react, Mary swung her arm around and shot him in the head. The back of his head exploded like a watermelon, and blood poured from the large hole she had made. He fell, limp, onto her body. She could hear the sizzle of his blood on her leather habit. Pushing the lifeless body off of her, she jumped up and removed her clothing before the blood burned down to her skin.

She grabbed his ankle and dragged him out the door of the church in her undergarments. There were demons surrounding the church, but they stayed behind the crosses. All of their eyes gazed upon her.

“Is this your great hybrid warrior? He’s dead, and you’ll be dead too if you come back tomorrow night. I’ll make sure of it. Tell your master that this church is protected by the Leather Nun. With God’s backing or without it, I’ll kill each and every one of you that tries to do us harm.”

She stood and looked at them, and a light came from the sky. The sun started to rise. As the rays hit the demons, their flesh began to burn, and they screamed as they melted back down into the ground. The sun had risen five hours early. She knew that God was with her. Maybe he had forgotten them until now.

Mary looked up at the sky. “Thank you.”

She turned around and walked back into the church. What will happen now? she wondered. She told the other women what had happened. For once, there was hope.


Three months later, there was still light. So far, night had not come. Survivors started to find each other and band together. Mary was the savior of the new world. Mankind had changed its ways, and maybe they just needed a new start. Still, Mary had a feeling that this was not the end. Evil will always try to find its way back.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Updates

At the present time I'm working on two books. The main book is with a awesome zombie book author, and I've put my own on the backburner to work on in spare time. I'm very excited about both books and getting to work with one of the great zombie writing kings.

I'll probably be on social boards less so I can dedicate most of my extra time writing.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eating You

I sit inside this piece of uncooked meat.

Waiting for you to come and eat.

That’s good. Eat up; now I’m inside.

I shall reproduce, multiply and thrive.

Inside of your stomach, I spread larvae.

My offspring will hatch, cause you drama.

You have no idea that I lurk within.

My children are awake; now it begins.

Chewing, eating the inside of your stomach.

It churns, bubbles, now we cause havoc.

My brethren mate, every day more are born.

So many now, your stomach becomes torn.

I lead my army through the chewed hole.

Everything will be devoured is the goal.

So many now, we’re fat and very well fed.

I sense that our food will soon be dead.

The blood in this host is full of black syrup.

It’s all full of gas, dead, ready to blow up.

Too bad I can’t find a permanent home.

Juices carry me out a hole, now I roam.

I’ve grown so big, plump and well fed.

Something warm touches me, I raise my head.

Now I have little sharp teeth; I bite.

The new host now infected without a fight.

Good thing about my kind, always evolve.

How to spread and exist has been solved.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


She stands, looking at the cross.

Will she be able to save souls?

Darkness is so inviting.

How can mankind resist temptation?

The Nun is strong and pure.

Untouched by the lure of evil.

The arms of Satan reach for her.

She remains calm and faithful.

Can she save mankind?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Goth's Fetish

Out of the gates of hell he came.

A would be Goth totally insane.

Long black greasy tangled hair.

Always whining, “life’s not fair.”

His favorite word is fuck…..

To him we all just fucking suck.

He lurks on all the kiddie boards.

Posting model ads, he tries to lure.

Young tender, supple female flesh, he craves.

He sits needing his sexual fix, he waits.

Craving midnight outings at graveyards.

Maybe this fetish with kids gets him hard.

His excuse is, “I’m mental and it’s OK.”

The sad thing is, it could happen one day.

Watch your children when their on line.

He sits in Grandmas basement, looking to dine.

He needs to be stopped, before it’s too late.

Some unknowing girl could meet deaths gate.

Twisted Tales Of Terror

I published my second book for the year, "Twisted Tales of Terror." Now available on Amazon Kindle and under S.A Gambino author. I'll include the links. Hope you check it out.

Welcome to extreme horror!

S.A Gambino presents “Twisted Tales of Terror.”

This is a collection of twelve horror stories about zombies, killer comets, a rogue vampire hunter, a demented child-hungry clown, hungry space parasites, a female spider and an ass-kicking nun.

Are you ready for a horror-filled ride? Then hold onto your seat and get ready for a fast-paced adventure.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What is it about Nuns?

Not for sure why they fascinate me so much. But I'm working on a new Novella, that has one badass kicking Nun. Through the years they have been branded as quiet, innocent servants of God. I think they have so much more potential.

For some reason the Nun pictures I share on Facebook seem to offend some people.  Not for sure why? But once I'm done with my novella, I can't wait too see the feedback. I write what I like and feel that Nuns have alot of potential to takeout a horde of zombies. I mean God's got their back, right?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lilith's Revenge Now available!

Now Available through

Lilith wants to welcome you to hell.

In this collection of short stories men have wronged women in many ways, and must pay for their treachery.

Lilith will guide some, but many will find vengeance on their own.

Welcome to Lilith’s Revenge and Stories of Femme Fatale and read if you dare. For you shall be judged.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Face Book Update

Yes I put my account on hold for a while. So please no more calls to the police. I'm ok. They showed up on my doorstep at 11:30pm last night.

Just need a break. Giving all my time to the man I love. I'll be back.