Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you like who you are?

Lately I've noticed things on the Internet that are disturbing. Are people getting nastier as a society? Meaning my dog Bear looks at himself in the mirror and likes what he sees. He doesn't do mean things to people, or pick on them. He may be a little protective of his food bowl and ball when the other dogs get near him. but he's actually a pretty good dog, and he's who Bear really is.

On the Internet some people act a different way, they are just plain not nice. It's like this inner demon in us humans come out and we like to tear people down when we hide behind a computer. But in real life we're really not like that. Do we just feel insecure about ourselves and take it out on others? Are we just bored? Or is the Internet just a good place to be an asshole and get away with it?

I've noticed it everywhere on the Internet. Not just one group or board. It's widespread.  I've seen people be rude to others because they're jealous of their success. Ethnic backgrounds are another. I like the Internet, but some days I just want to scream when I see some of the rude shit people post.

The ones I love the most are people that act like their your friends online, and gather what information they can from you then go behind your back and talk about you. Humans have always had the urge to talk about each other, but when it's face to face to someone, you're more likely to be yourself and have more respect. The Internet gives you the power to hide.

So what do you do? I think that anything you say online you should think about, "Would I say this to a person's face." Has the Internet caused us to lose all manners? Just something to think about.  

Somedays I think it's easier to be Bear.

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