Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Goth's Fetish

Out of the gates of hell he came.

A would be Goth totally insane.

Long black greasy tangled hair.

Always whining, “life’s not fair.”

His favorite word is fuck…..

To him we all just fucking suck.

He lurks on all the kiddie boards.

Posting model ads, he tries to lure.

Young tender, supple female flesh, he craves.

He sits needing his sexual fix, he waits.

Craving midnight outings at graveyards.

Maybe this fetish with kids gets him hard.

His excuse is, “I’m mental and it’s OK.”

The sad thing is, it could happen one day.

Watch your children when their on line.

He sits in Grandmas basement, looking to dine.

He needs to be stopped, before it’s too late.

Some unknowing girl could meet deaths gate.

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