Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eating You

I sit inside this piece of uncooked meat.

Waiting for you to come and eat.

That’s good. Eat up; now I’m inside.

I shall reproduce, multiply and thrive.

Inside of your stomach, I spread larvae.

My offspring will hatch, cause you drama.

You have no idea that I lurk within.

My children are awake; now it begins.

Chewing, eating the inside of your stomach.

It churns, bubbles, now we cause havoc.

My brethren mate, every day more are born.

So many now, your stomach becomes torn.

I lead my army through the chewed hole.

Everything will be devoured is the goal.

So many now, we’re fat and very well fed.

I sense that our food will soon be dead.

The blood in this host is full of black syrup.

It’s all full of gas, dead, ready to blow up.

Too bad I can’t find a permanent home.

Juices carry me out a hole, now I roam.

I’ve grown so big, plump and well fed.

Something warm touches me, I raise my head.

Now I have little sharp teeth; I bite.

The new host now infected without a fight.

Good thing about my kind, always evolve.

How to spread and exist has been solved.

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