Friday, November 19, 2010

The Virus

I am here to infect you.

Once I enter your body, nothing you can do.

What am I you ask?

A zombie virus so lethal, killing you is my task.

Creeping in trough, a fresh cut.

I enter your blood and stay very quiet.

Coursing into your blood stream.

I multiply and develop my killing team.

Now it’s we that will start to eat.

To us you are nothing but meat.

You start to feel achy all over.

Feeling hot you now have a fever.

Yes time to lay down in bed.

Entering your brain, soon you’ll be dead.

We are eating you alive.

Thriving and continuing to multiply.

Guts and organs taste so good.

Now starts the clots in your blood.

You cry out in pain.

We are eating your brain.

Blood oozes from your eyes.

They dilate to full size.

Your body starts to expand.

Shaking all over, trying to pull up, by your hands.

Clenching teeth, they start to crack.

Convulsions throw you back.

Pressure becoming more intense.

Body functions becoming dense.

It’s time for the big pop.

As you explode your heart stops.

Blood and guts spurt everywhere.

Now our seeds fly into the air.

Out of the house we glide.

Now planted into the sky.

We wait for humans to breath.

Entering, into more meat bags, time to feed.

This time we’ll get it right.

Our numbers will grow over night.

Infected humans will die and come back to life.

Zombies will take over the earth.

Time for the new race birth.

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