Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lake

The Lake

By the edge of the lake, she sat staring ahead.

Looking out into the unknown, feeling alone.

The moment was calming, almost tranquil.

No sound could be heard; there was total silence.

A warm breeze glided by and caressed her skin.


Her lips quivered; the sadness began to take over.

A single tear rolled down her cheek and fell below.

It trickled into the lake; slowly it became black.

Blackness spread throughout the water; it moved.


The lake became alive and feed off of her grief.

She never noticed as the black wet arms reached.

They wrapped around her body; she screamed in terror.

There was no escape; the lake slowly pulled her in.


Her nails dug into the dirt, trying to get free.

Feet now entered the wetness. Why fight? it spoke.

The warmth made her attempts at freedom subside.

She relaxed and was dragged under, body now limp.


It whispered the pain would go away; she felt loved.

Sinking deep into the blackness, she felt no pain or sadness.


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