Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've been slacking with this blog. I put my writing on hold for awhile so I could just have some free time to myself to just think. I feel like I've been watching my life through a key hole. I'm starting to feel inspired again so wish me luck.

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  1. Hey -- I know you are busy with the book right now but I have a project where you might want to submit to this too. I doubt you were part of an ensemble line up with an anthology. I have my notes for your own submission as I wanted to publish another writer who wrote about their nightmares -- I pulled out something from when I was 23 up on the journal. Horror is not the forefront but will have horror stories in this project but I am looking for a huge broadscope for a 180 page anthology -- a wide spanning stretch of short form fiction and nonfiction from horror and science fiction to literary fiction and creative nonfiction. The uniting aspect of this project is all the writers are born between 1973-1979 -- since you own Dirty Black Winter this will give you an advantage because you know now as much as my friends from Iowa and college know about me. I am going to see a longtime friend dynamic and a family dynamic if I can pull this off meaning you might see one of my bloodline cousins a part of this project. My reputation of publishing other publishers is going to be well represented and the lead story is mine. E-mail me with a working e-mail address at and I will give you the notes for your submission and idea for the author photo too to tie into the narrative. I have this written out in and goes about 3000 plus words.