Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Woods

I looked into the thick, deep, dark woods.
Wondering what lay ahead, pausing I stood.
Branches sagged hanging onto their brittle trunks.
All was dead, dried to a crisp, the ground had sunk.
A soft voice whispered to me, it knew my sins.
Sounding so serene, innocent, inviting me in.
Branches began to move, yet there was no wind.
I sensed something evil, this place was condemned.

Feeling sad and lonely, it had lured me here.
It wanted me, now probing deep into my fears.
Tired of being in this world, feeling so alone.
The woods called, telling me to come home.
Now entering I ignored my rapid heartbeat.
Dead leaves, branches crackled under feet.

A cold breeze chilled me and caressed my face.
Sending shivers throughout, I kept a steady pace.
Suddenly stopped, spotting a tree with large black eyes.
Largest in the woods, branches reaching to the sky.
The eyes started blankly, set deep into the trunk.
My body went numb; I felt strange, almost dunk.
Hands now touched the eyes, feeling the hard bark.
Skin started to burn, itch and my sight went dark.
It laughed and told me now was the time to pay the toll.
My body exists no more; it consumed me, and took my soul.

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