Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Decayed hands rip through the ground.
Coffins will no longer keep them bound.
Standing and awakening after a long sleep.
Clambering down the graveyard street.
Rotted meat hanging from their bones.
Nothing but mindless maggot filled drones.

Tonight the zombies have come back to eat.
Hungry, and craving fresh human meat.
Moans of hunger echoed through the night.
Satan granting them life until daylight.
The zombies shamble back to their town.
Faces of pain marked with determined frown.

The smell of rot and decay pollute the air.
Mangled looking mongrels with matted hair.
Invading the town, people screamed in fright.
But there will be no place to hide tonight.
Hours passed of hysterical panic and pleas.
People kneeled to God, and prayed for mercy.
Screams bellowed from pain, now all beaten.
People were being torn apart, savagely eaten.

Blood, guts, and organs cover the street.
Zombies grabbing the leftovers as treats.
Nothing was left but white meatless bones.
The war had started, now time to go home.
Sun started to peek through the dark sky.
Zombie's looked up, time now, to again die.
Bright sunny rays warmed the undead’s bodies.
Exploding into dust, they were no longer zombies.

The town was beaten, killed, in just one night.
A war between good and evil was starting to ignite.
Satan laughed he knew there would be hell to pay.
God would make him suffer for his sins one day.

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