Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love is overrated.........

What is love you may ask?
Seems to be nothing but a task.
At first you’re needed, wanted.
Heart flutters becoming knotted.

Body tingles with unknown pleasure.
Happiness sets in, then the failure.
You notice the symptoms slowly.
Before long you’re, sad and lonely.

At first you feel nothing but anger.
Seeming to eat away and linger.
You ask, “What did I do wrong.”
Thinking over, making it prolong.

Then the sadness sets in and stays.
It breaks you down, not going away.
It’s just not worth feeling anymore.
Loves overrated, time to shut the door.


  1. very, very cool.

  2. Lovely and very true. I closed that door a looong time ago!

  3. This reminds me of my relationship with my ex, he smothered the flame I once had for him and froze whats left to ice. He was an asshole. Great poem!