Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Evil Embrace

Darkness will always be a temptation.
It flourishes and thrives deep within.
Luring with promises of love, happiness.

Wrapping its unholy grasp around your body.
Whispering into your mind, deepest desires.
Making your body feel, warm, safe and loved.

It smiles with unseen wicked jagged teeth.
Slowly sinking talons into your soft flesh.
Tingling sensation of evil runs through your veins.

Almost euphoric feelings, climatic and strong.
Fuck being weak and a human door mat.
Time to sprout your branches and grow.

Sometimes being good becomes stagnant.
Evil is warm, and welcoming, don’t resist.
Walk straight into its grasp, and don’t look back.


  1. Funny to live life portraying what others want you to be knowing all along what you really are. It allows to laugh at almost everyone.

  2. I always live life as who I am, and no one else.