Saturday, August 21, 2010

End Of Days.

Suddenly the earth rumbled.

Everything started to shake, crumble.

The ground exploded open.

Debris lay around, broken.

Slowly rising from the ground.

Was one of Satan’s hellhounds.

His eyes were as black as coal.

Nails where clawing to escape, the giant sinkhole.

He looked around and let out howl.

Jumped onto the ground and went to prowl.

Checking things out for his master.

He can barely contain his laughter.

“Soon we can all be free.”

“My master is powerful, they shall see.”

He called to his master, “I have cleared the way.”

“I have done as you have asked, and opened the gateway.”

The earth was quiet, everything stood still.

Out from the depths of hell, came a harrowing shrill.

Flames exploded out of the hole.

Satan rose and was ready, to collect souls.

“Humans have torn up this place.”

“Why would God protect this race?”

“They have raped this land.”

“I’m here to make sure they are banned.”

The fire was seen from heaven.

It was time for the ultimate mission.

On the earth they kept a watchful eye.

Now the Angles drop from the sky.

Something has gone array.

Here comes the impending, doomsday.

The devil has risen, from his dark grave.

Ready to rule the world and enslave.

Satan is now ready to take over the earth.

He will give mankind, a new form of birth.

His virus will spread upon mankind.

Killing is its perfect design.

He opens his mouth and blows into the air.

Spreading the virus everywhere….

All humans begin to choke.

Grabbing at their throats.

Blood oozes from all, mouths and eyes.

Now they fall on the ground and die.

The devil smiles as he looks up.

Angels bow their head, in holy worship.

He growls, “God cannot help you now.”

“These humans have become my cows.”

He raises his hands and yells, “Rise.”

The new races happily oblige.

Their eyes are now gleaming red.

Looks of hunger now engulf the dead.

Slowly they rise from the ground.

The souls of demons are no longer bound.

They take the first breathe of life.

Spread their fingers, with nails like knifes.

Looking up into, the white filled sky.

They chant, time for these angels, to die.

The angels form above the dead.

Diving down with wings spread.

They hit the ground all at once.

Praying to God, for his guidance.

Blood, guts were flying everywhere.

Claws, teeth, tore limbs, feathers and hair.

So much, biting, tearing, and screams of pain.

The angles lost, now the dead reign.

Satan looked up into the sky.

He informed God……..

“To enter this earth, you are outlawed.”

“I have lived in the darkness, for my last day.”

“This land is mine and I plan to stay.”

“I feed off of man sins.”

“Now my brothers shall use their skins.”

“Humans lost their faith in you.”

“They prayed for your help, but what did you do?”

“Nothing, that is what I thought.”

“This is why the race was so distraught.”

“When there is nothing for them to believe in.”

“This is the day the world is lead by, demons.”

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  1. Whoa! This was very cool. Thanks!