Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Z Is For Baby..

Laura laid in bed, as sweat beds formed on her face and chest. She was nine months pregnant and was starting to show signs of going into labor. Her husband had to tie her to the bed; she had been bitten by one of the crazies in town recently. No one was sure what they were. Some people started to attack others and the disease had spread like wildfire. The town came together and killed them all, except Laura. Her husband had kept her being bitten a secret, she was not coherent anymore, Laura was an animal. Her family hoped the baby would be fine, so they continued to hide her.

She looked up at her husband, foam dribbled down her chin. She snarled and snapped when he tried to force food down her mouth. He had to keep her alive for now, but was worried what to do with her once the baby was born. How long could he keep her tied up?

Night had set in and Laura reverted back into a calm trance like state, with no emotion she stared up at the ceiling, she was quiet, instincts told her something was about to be born. Her family had drifted off to sleep except for one. The baby was coming. He was not aware of what he was just that he was hungry. He saw an opening and reached for it, with his little hands. Pushing his small body as hard as he could, he struggled and finally came out of his mother. Now crawling along the sheets, something tugged at him and he was stuck. Looking down he noticed the source of the problem a cord was attached to his stomach and he could go no further. He ground his teeth together so hungry, he thought. His small hands held the cord up and he chewed through the skin finally releasing himself.

Hunger was making his little tummy ache, baby needed food. Scurrying along the floor he went to his brothers and sisters rooms. They were all asleep. He climbed up into each of their beds and took small bites out of them. His teeth where small and sharp, so they slide into flesh so smooth and delicate. Each child flinched but did not wake up. Having his fill of blood and flesh he was satisfied, and crawled back into the bedroom, to be with mommy. He snuggled up next to her and fell asleep.

In the morning the father woke up and noticed he heard no children’s voice’s in the house. Normally by this hour they were up and moving about. He went to their bedrooms and saw they were all still in bed. When he touched them, they were all burning up with fever. He noticed small bites on their arms and necks. They were infected, but how, he thought.

Daddy ran down the hall to his wife’s room and opened the door. His wife was still tied to the bed and looked up at him blankly. Next to her was a small body. He picked up the baby and held him tight to his bare chest. He felt a small prick and looked down. The baby looked up at him with milky white eyes and blood dripped down his chin. The father held him closer.

Sobbing he muttered, “It’s a boy Laura”.

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  1. Aww, as a daddy myself, I think this story is sweet!