Sunday, August 22, 2010

It Has No Name.

Out of the swamp it came.

A creature so vile, it has no name.

Breasts sag, old and wrinkled.

A vagina that looked almost chiseled.

Body covered with black oozing slime.

Long black hair, spot balding and fine.

Eyes bulbous and red as blood.

Mouth covered, with foul smelling mud.

Tonight was special, time to eat and mate

She gazes, hungry, lustful, prey, she must locate.

Looking for his seed and a meal to eat.

She will fuck, and then tear apart with her teeth.

Longing for the adventure, of lust and meat.

Man is so delicious and sweet to eat.

A smile formed on her haggard face.

She took off running, at a fast pace.

Catching a scent in the air…….

She stopped, and then looked, with a hard stare.

Through the brush, she could smell man.

She jumped through the air and grabbed him.

Threw his body, on the ground.

He looked at her, scared and astound.

The terror rose in his eyes.

She cackled tearing his clothes off, as he cried.

Her body took his manhood in.

She drove him hard into the ground, as she grinned.

Leaning down rubbing her breasts, on his chest.

He tries to push her away, in detest.

Laughing she continued to rape.

There was no way he could escape.

Licking his face, her breath was fowl.

She screamed, with a lustful howl.

She took a bite out of his neck.

Nothing wrong, with a sample, a little peck.

Bile rose in his mouth, throwing up in disgust.

She finished him off, with a final thrust.

She lies on top of him, lapping his blood.

Teeth bite further into him, sharp and jagged.

Tearing flesh, time now eating her prey.

Screams of pain do not make her delay.

She leans over and slurps out his eye.

Bites down, it pops, she feels so alive.

Torturing, sucking the meat, off his bones.

Laughing as he suffers and groans.

Her mouth opens wide, she bites off his head.

Chomping, crunching, full and fed.

Throwing his remains to the side.

She stands up with feral pride.

Meat falls from her teeth, she smiles.

Now rubbing her belly, she is with child.

Taking off, going back into the swamp river.

Waiting for her young, to be delivered.

Then she will teach her to mate and hunt.

This will prevent their extinction…….


  1. You have to have a lot of respects for someone to put a story in meter. Nice Job!

    Brian Pettera