Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Serum

Susan Stone was obsessed with staying young. Now turning fifty she had tried every procedure to keep herself looking youthful. The wrinkles and sagging skin always came back. She had heard of a Research Professor in Maine, by the name of Michael Shinn, he had developed some sort of amazing youth serum and Susan had to get her hands on it. She made several phone calls to the professor and bribed her way in. Susan made a very generous donation to his research, but she wanted to receive the injection of the serum in return. He let her know up front that there were side effects but Susan did not care. She was told not to tell anyone that they had talked and agreed.

She immediately was on the next flight to Maine and arrived at Professor Shinn’s research lab. She handed him a check for the promised amount. Susan looked at him and was surprised, he looked no older than 35. She figured he was a young genius.

“I want the injection now,” She ordered.

“Don’t you want to talk about it first?”

Susan exclaimed, “No” and rolled up her shirt sleeve. He gave her the injection.

Susan sat and waited to feel some sort of difference, but her body started burning, it was on fire. She screamed in pain then passed out. Eventually she woke up and was laying on a cot, when she tried to lift herself up her body was stiff, it was hard to move. She caught a glimpse of her legs they were grey and covered with dark splotches. Susan noticed her hands and arms, had the same mysterious hue. Suddenly a pain in her stomach made her buckle over, she felt an intense hunger.

Instinct took over and her eyes focused on a woman that lay on a table. Susan could smell the blood coursing throughout the woman’s body; her skin was soft and inviting. She put her head down to the woman’s chest and could hear a heart beating slowly. Susan wanted her badly almost like an addict craves sex and started pulling up her night gown. The woman was naked underneath, Susan watched her stomach rise and fall as she breathed. She began to lick her stomach, it tasted so good and salty, losing control she bit into her skin and warm blood squirted into her mouth. She tore away flesh and consumed the woman’s entrails. Slowly the hunger started to cease.

Behind her Professor Shinn walked in he said, “Hello, I wish it would have turned out better for you, did you like the snack I left?”

She looked at the professor. Entrails hung from her mouth, “What did you do too me!”

“I told you there could beside effects.”

Shinn looked at her and proceeded to tell her he was 140 years old but so far he was the only candidate, that they serum worked on. He shook his head in disappointment, “Everyone else I have used it on became a zombie”.

Susan screamed, entrails dropped out of her mouth and she fell to the floor.

Shinn smiled, “You’ll like the cage below there are many others like you and I keep them well feed, with these coma patients I buy. You’ll have an extended life but unfortunately your body will rot, the process is slow”.

He ordered the two men beside him in white jackets to take her below, he took another look at Susan and said, “Oh yeah thanks for the generous donation and enjoy your stay.”

Susan screamed as the men picked her up off the floor and dragged her away.

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